In Germany, the EuroVelo 6 leads along sections of the Rhine Cycle Route, the Hohenzollern Cycle Route and the Danube Cycle Route as far as Passau. Following rivers, EuroVelo 6 vists Ulm, home to the tallest church tower in the world, and Donauwörth, with what is considered one of the most beautiful streets in southern Germany. It also passes through the spectacular scenery of the Danube Gorge. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Regensburg, is the route’s next port of call. Almost a thousand monuments in the town's old quarter serve as a reminder of its Roman heritage, merchants and saints.

Public Transport and Bicycles in Germany

In Germany, bicycles are usually accepted on regional and long-distance trains, but the number of bikes is limited, especially on IC trains. This should be considered during the high season of cycle tourism along the Danube. There are cyclists who reserve their bike tickets one year in advance. The regional "Donautalbahn" train in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria provides plenty of space for bike carriage and is an excellent public-transport option for cyclists.

See the green logos on the map and the 'Public Transport' section below the map for a list of train stations, bus stations and mobility information centers in Germany along EuroVelo 6 - Atlantic-Black Sea!

National & Regional Information

ADFC: Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

De ADFC is een landelijke non-profitorganisatie met meer dan 200.000 fiets-enthousiaste leden, die zich gezamenlijk ten doel stelt de wegen veiliger te maken voor fietsers en voetgangers. Naast het stimuleren van milieuvriendelijke en dus duurzame vormen van vervoer, adviseert de ADFC over alle aspecten van het fietsen. Dit omvat advies over de aankoop van een fiets, technologie en fietsaccessoires, toeristische en politieke kwesties.

030 2091498-0

ADFC brochure "Ontdek Duitsland per fiets"

Op de online presentatie van de brochure van de ADFC vind je een selectie van de mooiste fietsroutes in Duitsland.

ADFC Kwaliteitsfietsroutes

Momenteel dragen 37 kwaliteitsroutes in Duitsland, 2 kwaliteitsroutes in het buitenland en 8 fietstochtregio's het ADFC-keurmerk. De link geeft meer informatie.

Bett+Bike - Fietsvriendelijke accommodatie

Ongeveer 5.900 hotels, pensions, jeugdherbergen, natuurhuizen en campings zijn op maat gemaakt voor de behoeften van de fietsers. Gastbedrijven die voldoen aan de ADFC-kwaliteitscriteria zijn bij de ingang voorzien van een bordje.

Duits Toeristisch Centrum e.V., DZT

Het DZT promoot Duitsland al meer dan 60 jaar namens de federale overheid in het buitenland. Het adverteert de toeristische diversiteit van Duitsland over de hele wereld. Het adverteert daarom voor een van de grootste en populairste merken - het reisland Duitsland. Een selectie van aantrekkelijke langeafstandsfietsroutes vindt u op met routebeschrijvingen en referenties van Bed+Bike vestigingen.

+49 (0)69 974640

Fietsrouteplanner in Duitsland

Dit platform maakt naadloze fietsrouteplanning in heel Duitsland mogelijk! Plan uw reis en download de GPX tracks van Duitse D-Routes in open data.

[EV6] Part 3 - Danube Cycle Route

From Tuttlingen, the Danube Cycle Route continues on to Ulm where the tallest church spire in the world (forming part of Ulm’s minster) can be visited. Countless historical monuments lie along the route that then passes through Ingolstadt, Regensburg and Passau before arriving at the border with Austria. In 2006, UNESCO added the Regensburg ensemble of the old town with the Stadtamhof district to its list of World Heritage Sites.

0049 (0) 731 1612814

[EV6] Part 2 - Hohenzollern Cycle Route

From the Danube to Lake Constance. Tuttlingen’s local mountain, the Witthoh, is the only hill on this section of the route. The route is then almost entirely downhill, whereby the considerably milder climate that prevails around Lake Constance can be felt the further one travels. The tour then continues along the Stockacher Aach tributary of the Rhine to Ludwigshafen beside Lake Constance where the Hohenzollern Cycle Route ends.

0049 (0)711 2 38 58 0

[EV6] Part 1 - Rhine Valley Cycle Route

The varied tour through the Rhine Valley passes through countless vineyards and mostly directs cyclists along routes away from busy roads. The motto of this cycle route is “Enjoy nature”. The flora and fauna of the Kaiserstuhl hills along with the countless vineyards will allow cyclists to forget their everyday stresses. The Rhine Valley Cycle Route follows the course of the Rhine, passing along the borders with Liechtenstein and Austria before arriving at Lake Constance.

0049 (0)711 2 38 58 0

Kaarten & Gidsen

Bikeline Donau-Radweg 1 Teil 1: Von Donaueschingen nach Passau

Deutschsprachiger Führer, der die 600 km von Donaueschingen nach Passau beschreibt. Er enthält 62 präzise Karten und detaillierte Streckenbeschreibungen im Maßstab 1:50.000, zahlreiche Empfehlungen zu den kulturellen und touristischen Attraktionen und ein umfangreiches Verzeichnis der Unterkünfte und Dienstleistungen. Charakteristisch für die bikeline-Radwanderführer ist ihr Querformat in Kombination mit dem patentierten Spiralbindesystem, wetterfest und ideal für die Lenkertasche.


The Danube from Passau to Vienna in hotels

@Duitsland @Oostenrijk

The banks of the Danube show the romantic soul of Austria and its history. It is also one of the richest wine regions of the country, the romantic region of Wachau. To the delight of cyclists, a "Danube cycle way" was set up through villages and countryside, along the river and stands alongside castels and towns... You will follow it from Passau to Vienna, through Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, 3 wonderful cities.

The Bavarian Danube from Donauworth to Passau


Through Bavaria from Donauwörth to Passau, follow one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe on a complete and outstanding route. Get carried away by places full of charm and discover sites of remarkable historical and cultural richness. Leaving the German forest, the Danube flows through the limestone rocks of the Swabian Jura, sometimes forcefully, sometimes taking meanders and detours. Its borders are scattered with feudal castels, Benedictine monasteries and lovely medieval tows.

Danube Experience by bike + boat / Iron Gate

@Duitsland @Hongarije @Kroatië @Oostenrijk @Roemenië @Slowakije

Come with us on an adventure-packed bike and boat tour through six countries and widely differing cultures that reveals the beauty of the majestic Danube river in all its glory. Discover natural spectacles, idyllic wine villages, endless expanses and breathtaking European capitals. In addition to scenic and cultural highlights, good food and a crew that caters to your every whim, guarantee that your cycling holiday will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Danube Waltz by bike + premium boat

@Duitsland @Hongarije @Oostenrijk @Slowakije

By bike + boat from Passau directly into the heart of the once glorious K+K monarchy. Look forward to three charming European capitals: the waltz metropolis Vienna, the coronation city Bratislava and Budapest. Enjoy unique river landscapes and regional specialities. On board our comfortable cruise ships you enjoy an exclusive atmosphere – in the spacious, convenient cabins as well as in the stylish outdoor area. This exciting bike trip will make your holiday unforgettable.

Danube Cycle Path | Passau-Budapest

@Duitsland @Hongarije @Oostenrijk @Slowakije

Europe's most popular cycling route is located on the beautiful blue Danube: the absolute "cycling classic" from Passau to Budapest. In Austria, enchanting river landscapes with steep slopes, vineyards and countless sights await you. Wine taverns and inns invite you to linger. Special highlights are Vienna and Bratislava. Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is the crowning glory. In between, you will immerse yourself in mystical alluvial landscapes.

Openbaar Vervoer

Ulm Busstation

Adres: ZOB Ost, 89073 Ulm, Duitsland

Zie de website voor meer informatie:

Saal an der Donau Treinstation

Adres: Bahnhofstraße 36, 93342 Saal an der Donau, Duitsland

Zie de website voor meer informatie:

Donaueschingen Informatiecentrum Voor Mobiliteit

Adres: Bahnhofstraße 5, 78048 Villingen-Schwenningen, Duitsland

Zie de website voor meer informatie:

Ulm Bus Station

Address: ZOB Ost, 89073 Ulm, Germany

See the website for more information: