Bulgaria was surrounded by an especially long Iron Curtain due to its borders with Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey. Indeed, the itinerary of EuroVelo 13 passes through a several distinct regions and more than one mountain range. Cyclists can start exploring the Bulgarian section on the border with Serbia, initially passing through the Balkan mountain massif. Going southwards, the route then takes in the Rila, Pirin and Rhopodes mountains and the borders with Northern Macedonia and Greece. After leaving the Balkan Mountains behind, the route passes through the Thracian lowlands in Greece and Turkey before finally ending on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

National & Regional Information

Bulgarian Cycling Association

BCA works for the popularisation of cycling tourism and lobbies for the planning and construction of cycling lanes. A big ongoing project is the Black Sea Cycling Trail, to complete EuroVelo 6 - Atlantic-Black Sea.

+35 98 88 79 32 69

Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism

The website provides basic information and findings from the planning process for the Iron Curtain Trail in Bulgaria and the neighboring countries. A description is available as well as detailed electronic map for the trail itinerary.

+359 883 379 987