EuroVelo 10Baltic Sea Cycle Route

9.000 km lang
9 landen bezocht

The coastline of the Baltic Sea takes in beaches, cliffs, woodland, ports and marinas as well as thousands of islands large and small. It passes through the different cultures that have grown up along the shores . It is an attractive destination and EuroVelo 10 will give you the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with this corner of Europe.

Five beguiling capital cities; glamorous Saint Petersburg and Hanseatic towns like Gdansk and Lübeck provide lots of cultural highlights. In between, you will have a unique opportunity to get back to nature exploring the seashore.

Kaarten & Gidsen

Cycling Map of Bornholm

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The map contains: - National cycle route 10 - Regional cycle routes 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 - Cycling paths along N10 - General information about accommodation, bicycle inclusion on trains etc. - Information icons on convenience stores, bicycle stores, national attractions, tourist agencies, camping sites, hostels, beaches and bicycle friendly churches. List of content is written in Danish, German and English. On the back side you find detailed information about attractions along route 10.