The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg welcomes EuroVelo 5 for a 107-km stretch, following the national network of dedicated cycle paths from the Belgian border, through to the stunning cliff-top capital city and towards the French and German borders at Schengen, the symbolic centre of Europe and home to the European museum. Cycling in Luxembourg is a pleasant experience due to the country's high quality touristic infrastructure, quiet traffic, cycle paths and a splendid nature. Currently, Luxembourg has a national network of cycling routes extending over 600 km.

National & Regional Information

National EuroVelo Coordinator

A not-for-profit organization which aims to promote cycling and which is overseeing the development of the EuroVelo network in Luxembourg. On this page you will find a more in-depth description of the EuroVelo 5 route in Luxembourg with links to all relevant websites and information.

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Luxembourg's National Cycle Network

Overview and detailed maps for all of Luxembourg's national cycle paths. Waypoints, map images and elevation profiles available.

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bed+bike Luxembourg

Cycle-friendly accommodation offers in Luxembourg.

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Centralized platform for all public transport related information with an integrated trip planner.

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Visit Luxembourg

The national tourism portal for Luxembourg comprises a large extent of information for (cycling related) tourism in all its aspects.

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