Romania is a country with a high cycling potential given the beauty and variety of the landscape. Cycling in Romania will take you through mountains, hills, plateaus, plains and seaside landscapes. You will experience the country's great biodiversity, its rich cultural heritage, its traditional well-preserved life-style and its unique culinary experiences. On the EuroVelo routes, you can follow either the course of the Danube on EuroVelo 6 - Atlantic-Black Sea or the former Iron Cutain areas on EuroVelo 13.

We do not have an official National EuroVelo Coordination Centre or Coordinator in this country at the moment. To assist people wanting to cycle the EuroVelo routes we have collected the information displayed on this page but please be aware that the ECF is not responsible for this content.

Landelijke Informatie

Turul Dunării

A Romanian-Bulgarian project developed by to investigate one segment of the EuroVelo 6 route on the Romanian side of the Danube. The route investigated covers the 800 kilometers distance between Oravița and Călărași.

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Kaarten & Gidsen