The Polish section of EuroVelo 9 is one of the flattest segments of the entire route, making it an ideal cycling route for families. It also takes cycling tourists to a great number of natural and historical sites, such as the Lower Vistula Valley and Wielkopolski National Park. It starts on the Baltic coast, in the city of Gdańsk, with its new museum dedicated to WWII. The route then follows the Vistula river bank southwards to Inowrocław from where it turns west to the historical city of Poznań. The next major stop is the university city of Wrocław on the Odra river before it reaches the Polish / Czech border in the Sudety mountains.

National & Regional Information

Polish Tourism Organisation (PTO)

The Polish National Tourism Office provides a good introduction to cycling in Poland, including an overview of some of the main cycling regions and routes.

EuroVelo 9 - Lower Silesia

The website contains: a map of the Wrocław - Olomouc section of the route, a description of the Wrocław-Paczków section, pictures of tourist attractions on and near the trail, practical information (weather forecast, train journey, route elevation profile, etc.) and accommodation facilities in the vicinity of the trail.