EuroVelo 2 in Belarus is in the development stage. In the future, the route will pass through beautiful forests including the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plains. The route passes through the capital of Belarus - Minsk, as well as other small towns - Pruzhany, Novogrudok and Ivenets, What better way to see the country than by bike? Go off the beaten track and find something new by bicycle.



Development status
  • Certified Section of at least 300 km that has successfully undergone the certification process in line with ECF’s European Certification Standard. It is the highest quality level on the EuroVelo network
  • Developed with EuroVelo signs Developed route (see category below) with continuous signing along the route, incorporating EuroVelo route information panels.
  • Developed Route developed for cyclists and signed in line with the respective national standard (i.e. it is part of a local, regional or national cycle network). There must also be a website providing information to users. Developed route can be heterogeneous in terms of infrastructure: type of cycling infrastructure, surface, width, gradients, etc
  • Under development Route containing sections that require further development (e.g. stretches on public highways with high levels of traffic). Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
  • Planning Undeveloped route with no detailed information publicly available on the Internet. The itinerary communicated is a proposal for the best possible option currently available. It may also contain dangerous sections. Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
  • Public transport link


  • Natuurlijk Erfgoed
  • UNESCO-werelderfgoed
  • Cultureel Erfgoed
  • Culinaire Hoogstandjes
  • Maritime Heritage / The Rhine / The Meuse
  • Other Point of Interest
  • Bus station
  • Train station
  • Mobility info center

National & Regional Information

NGO Minsk Cycling Community

The "Minsk Cycling Community" is a development and promotion NGO for cycling in the city of Minsk and the Minsk region, enhancing the role of the bicycle in the comprehensive and harmonious development of individuals, strengthening the public health and developing healthy lifestyles.

+375 17 294 73 90

Eurovelo 2 in Belarus

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