The tourist brochures will tell you that visiting Iceland will be "a classic adventure tour where each day and almost every bend in the track brings exiting new vistas - glaciers to volcanoes, pastures to desert highlands, waterfalls, lakes brimming with bird life, and bubbling mud pools. Enough adventure to suit a modern day Ulysses!"

Well, it's mostly true and many believe the best way to get to know Iceland is to tour around the country on a bicycle. Free from the constraints of a car or bus, in close contact with nature and the elements. Free to choose your own pace, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the details, sounds and fragrances you're sure to miss in a car. Iceland is unique in many ways, and here is your chance to fully experience this country.

We do not have an official National EuroVelo Coordination Centre or Coordinator in this country at the moment. To assist people wanting to cycle the EuroVelo routes we have collected the information displayed on this page but please be aware that the ECF is not responsible for this content.

Landelijke Informatie

Cycling Iceland

Developed by the Educational Centre for Commuting Cycling - Hjólafærni á Íslandi - this website provides a good overview of cycling in Iceland. It is possible to download the excellent Cycling Iceland Map directly from the website.

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Icelandic Cyclists' Federation

The umbrella organisation for cycling in Iceland. The focus is on cycling for transport, national and municipal policies, while its members focus on touring, education and sports.

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Cycling Iceland map

The map provides information on public transport, service for bicycles, hilly portions of main roads, sections prone to strong winds and sections with high volume of cars. The production of the map was led by the cycling NGO Bikeability Iceland / Hjólafærni á Íslandi with financial support from the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration.

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Public Transport Iceland

A comprehensive overview of public transport in Iceland.